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PlayEuroMillions is the premium online ticket purchasing portal offering verified entries into the biggest lottery jackpots from around the world. This rock solid, safe, and secure portal is available to lottery players globally. For more information on each lottery that we cater to, we encourage you to visit our lottery information page.

For more than 14 years, has been the trusted and reliable purchasing agent for all of the world's most popular lotteries. Should you wish to be a part of the sweeping excitement at playing for phenomenal jackpot prizes, it's as simple as this:

-Register an account with us (top right hand corner on our homepage)
-Wait for your registration confirmation email
-Pick your numbers
-Submit your payment details
-Wait for the winning numbers to be announced

It really IS that simple! Within just a few clicks, you could potentially be the next multi-millionaire via any one of the amazing lotteries we have on offer.


We take immense pride in our business history, as time has proved and cemented our place as the clear-cut leader within our field, and without a doubt the most trustworthy and reliable service provider of our kind. In addition, it also serves to define us as pioneers in the index of successful internet businesses.

What started in 1998 as a concept to provide assistance to people abroad with entering the richest European lottery at the time - the UK National Lottery - soon snowballed into a fully-fledged business powerhouse in its own right. With the demand identified and earmarked, it was only a matter of mere months before our website became the primary shop window and platform for payment and subscription orders.

When the great big bubble that is the internet burst in 2000/2001, thousands of online-based companies were left in ruins - yet our portal, stood strong and unscathed. We believe this to be a true testament and direct attribute to our core philosophy - simplicity and integrity make for the most effective (and perhaps the only way) to do business. Well over a decade later, our business remains dedicated and true to the afore-mentioned values, while our focus on customer retention has resulted in our operation growing exponentially through word of mouth alone. We now offer subscription services into the top lottery jackpots from around the world, and we can proudly add that we have satisfied customers from almost every single country on the planet.

The original UK Lottery website from 1999 1999

Global Websites

If you are comfortable transacting in English, German or Polish, then your home is right here at However, with lottery sites in 13 different languages and players being afforded the option to choose from 15 different lotteries from across four different continents, PlayEuroMillions is truly a global site. Here are some of our other language options available:

⦁ (Spanish and Portuguese)
⦁ (Swedish)
⦁ (Russian)
⦁ (French)
⦁ (Romanian)
⦁ (Hungarian)
⦁ (Czech Republic)


We have a large assortment of payment methods available on our website. 

Full information on payment, including withdrawal of winnings and identity verification, can now be found on the Payment Information Page.

Competitions & Giveaways

As part of our ongoing rewards to all our customers, we offer frequent and exciting competitions with some really awesome giveaways and prizes. For a comprehensive list of the many competitions we have run (and will continue to run), feel free to visit our competitions page.

Dream holidays to Monaco, Paris and Thailand, flatscreen televisions, iPads, or even just cold hard cash... Even if you don't manage to win one of the massive lottery jackpots, you can be sure that the odds of winning with will be much better!

Monaco Competition

Promotions & Loyalty

  • Birthday Bonus

Lottery players on can look forward to a special birthday surprise each year.

  • Tell-A-Friend Promotion

Invite your friends to play the lottery. If they register and play you will receive 5 FREE SuperEna Max vouchers.

  • LottoPoints Reward Program offers one of the most generous loyalty rewards programs currently online. Players accumulate LottoPoints on every non-discounted cash purchase made. These points can then be redeemed for lottery tickets.

The more points you acquire the more preferable your rate of redemption will be. In other words, the more you play the more free tickets you earn.

A more comprehensive overview of the rewards program can be found on the LottoPoints page.

Play Options offers many various play options from once-off, single ticket purchases to bulk purchase options and system play.

Quick Picks – play randomly selected numbers at the click of a button

Bundle Play – play tickets in multiple lotteries across a spanned time period

Rapid Play – the easiest way to place spanned entries for your favourite lottery

Intelliplay – create your own rules to automatically enter you into lottery draws when certain criteria have been met

Multiplier – lets you increase the value of the prize tiers available in a draw

Extra Number System – add up to 3 numbers to your lottery entry automatically

Gift Voucher – share the big jackpot excitement by sending lottery vouchers to your friends and family

Lottery Affiliate Program is the official lottery affiliate program for The program offers exceptional revenue share commission along with comprehensive reporting and marketing tools. Join the affiliate program here.

lottarewards affiliate program

Further Information

Please consult the following sources for any queries you may have pertaining to or the services offered by us.

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