Hospital Lotto Syndicate Win BIG On EuroMillions

After tirelessly working gruelling hours fighting the Covid-19 pandemic, a group of NHS workers have struck gold thanks to the EuroMillions.

Hospital Lotto Syndicate Win BIG On EuroMillions

A group of Swansea hospital workers who formed a EuroMillions lottery syndicate recently received a much needed respite from the doom and gloom that they have been facing for just over 18 months working in the Covid ward.

The 53-strong NHS front line workers decided to play the EuroMillions recently and won £100,000!

They matched five of the six lucky numbers, and one Lucky Star number, to win the second-prize tier which they will divide amongst themselves.

Each member of the syndicate took home £2,2227. They told lottery officials that they plan of spending their prizes on everything from a much-needed holiday to paying off outstanding debts.

Kim Owen, the organiser of the syndicate and pharmacy technician at Morriston Hospital in Swansea said that while they never play the EuroMillions, they decided to take a chance on this draw because the jackpot was so high.
She said that, “I usually end up buying the tickets as and when but on the day of this draw, I decided I was going to wait and buy all the tickets at once. I felt like doing something a bit different might bring us a bit of luck – and I was right!"

“I checked the numbers on Friday night straight after the draw and I just couldn’t believe it. I asked my husband to triple check the ticket and as soon as I was sure it was true, I tried to call a few people to share the good news. Because it was late, no-one picked up, so I put it on the WhatsApp group instead.”

“People were so excited and there were others, like me, who just couldn’t sleep so my phone was going off with messages throughout the night!”

The syndicate is predominantly made up of staff in the pharmacy department at the hospital who are said to get on really well with each other and have given themselves the fitting nickname, “The Pharmily Crew.”

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