Woman Wins £1million On EuroMillions After Her Bus Breaks Down

The day started off like any other day for Helena Panford with her taking the usual bus to work.  But, like most lotto players, fate stepped in and re-arranged the day – for one reason, and that was to make sure off the steps were taken to ensure a EuroMillions lotto win. Intrigued? Read further and find out just how Lady Luck helped Helema Panford to win millions.

Every misfortune is a blessing

The 59-year-old, who is originally from Ghana, said, “Every misfortune is a blessing” and, “I was on my way to work in Belfast when the bus broke down so, after rolling my eyes at the misfortune, and telling myself that every misfortune is a blessing, I popped into a nearby shop and bought a ticket for the Friday EuroMillions draw. I was so worried that I was going to be late for work that the last thing on my mind was that I would win a million pounds.”

Helena Panford celebrating her EuroMillions win

It just goes to show, that just when you think things keep going wrong and now you could be late for work, £1million pops up into your life, thanks to buying a EuroMillions ticket – all because the bus broke down.

If you won’t get off the bus and buy a EuroMillions ticket, Lady Luck will break the bus – so it seems.

24 hours later…

It wasn’t until 24 hours later that Helena went into Russell’s Shop 4 U on the Albertbridge Road in East Belfast to double check her EuroMillions ticket.

“After checking my numbers I realised I hadn’t won the jackpot but my daughter in Ghana encouraged me to take the ticket to the shop where I purchased it, to be sure.

“The lady working in the shop checked my ticket for me and the first thing I noticed was the shocked look of joy on her face. She looked at me and screamed, ‘you’ve won £1million’ and I immediately dropped to my knees from shock and started to cry.”

“The staff were so great with me and were able to calm me down but to be honest I have never felt so happy and we continued to laugh and jump around.”

Helena said she always though that she would end up being a lottery winner someday.

“I have won small amounts in the past, like £100, but when I visited Ghana recently for a family event I told some family members that I felt sure I would win big one day and would be in a position to help them all.

“When I dreamed of winning, I had an amount of £5k in my head so winning this huge amount of money means that I can now help my family and, in particular, fulfil a dream that my daughter has of coming to Northern Ireland to study for her PhD.

“I also have a granddaughter with a learning disability who I can’t wait to treat to a holiday. I want to treat myself as well and am hoping to buy a house and a car but I first need to pass my test.”

Always double check your ticket

Once again we come across a lottery winner who could have easily discarded her winning EuroMillions ticket that she bought for the EuroMillions draw on 17th June. If it wasn’t for her daughter encouraging her mother to have it properly checked who knows what could have happened.

Thankfully she followed her daughter’s advice the next day and popped in to see the retailer, where she was told she had matched the Millionaire Maker code and was due a prize of £1 million.

The good news for online EuroMillions lottery players as yourself, is that immediately after the draw you will automatically receive your results mailer informing you of the latest EuroMillions winning numbers and any matches to the numbers you entered into the draw.

Latest EuroMillions winning numbers

For those of you that have not double checked your unique EuroMillions results mailers yet, last night’s EuroMillions winning numbers were:  26 – 32 – 37 – 43 – 49 and Lucky Star numbers 4 and 5.

EuroMillions winning lottery numbers, EuroMillions results

If you have got two numbers, or one number and two lucky stars, or better then you have won a prize.  If however, you matched all five main numbers and two lucky star numbers – you have won the jackpot.

But don’t get too excited yet, as no one managed to match all the numbers required to lay claim to the EuroMillions jackpot last night and the jackpot has rolled over to €24 million for this Friday night’s draw.

It wasn’t just the EuroMillions lottery that rolled over last night. The American Mega Millions lotto jackpot has once also increased to a monstrous $415 million!

EuroMillions and Mega Millions

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Good luck with your entries!
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