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About Oz Powerball

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History Of Oz Powerball:


Known in Australia simply as ‘Powerball’ we refer to it as Australian Powerball (or ‘Oz Powerball’) to distinguish it from the American Powerball game. Australian Powerball is the second big Oz lottery game offered by and has certainly seen its fair share of giant jackpots. 7 numbers and 1 Powerball will have you retiring rich!
The  Australian Powerball Lottery  


How To Play Oz Powerball:

To play the Australian Powerball game lottery players need to select a total of 8 numbers.

- 7 from a possible 35 (the standard numbers)
- 1 from a possible 20 (the Powerball number)

To win the jackpot players need to match all 8 numbers.

Oz Powerball Record Jackpots:

The biggest jackpot prize won on the Australian Powerball is currently $80 million Australian Dollars. This giant jackpot prize was shared between two ticket holders, one from Victoria and the other, New South Wales. This record jackpot was won on 30 July 2009 and at the time was the biggest jackpot ever won in Australia. Shortly thereafter the Oz Lotto jackpot reached $106 million AUD and broke this record.

Changes implemented in April 2018 mean that the jackpot will increase in increments estimated at $10 million AUD once the jackpot has reached or passed the $10 million AUD mark.

Oz Powerball has a limit of 25 consecutive draws at which point if the jackpot is still not won, the funds will be awarded to the second prize tier.

Play Australian Powerball Online

When To Play Oz Powerball:

This Australian lottery takes place once a week on Thursday. The lotto draw takes place in Melbourne and is shown live on TV Channel 7 at 20h30 (AEST). Tickets for Oz Powerball are purchased by agents in Melbourne, Australia.

Oz Powerball Prize Structure:

Australian Powerball offers 9 prize divisions, also known as prize tiers. The minimum requirement to win a prize is to match 1 regular balls plus the Powerball. The top prize requires a player to match all 8 numbers (7 standard numbers plus the Powerball).

Division Winning Numbers  
1st Division 7 winning numbers + Powerball  
2nd Division 7 winning numbers  
3rd Division 6 winning numbers + Powerball  
4th Division 6 winning numbers  
5th Division 5 winning numbers + Powerball  
6th Division 4 winning numbers + Powerball  
7th Division 5 winning numbers
8th Division 3 winning numbers + Powerball  
9th Division 2 winning numbers + Powerball  


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